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>> good morning everyone. i am patly ann brown. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> it is thursday december 6th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time now for your 5@5:00. a tragic end to the five month search for two missing cousins in iowa. hunters discovered two bodies in a wooded area. police think they are these two young ladies 9-year-old
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elizabeth collins and 11-year-old lyric cook. they were last seen riding their buys siblings. the bodies have been sent to a medical examiner's office to be identified. >> this is a difficult thing for us to go through. it's a difficult thing for the people of the community not just the community of evansville but the whole community that all came together and showed their support. >> more details are expected to be released at a news conference set for 5:00 tonight. >> tim geithner confirming what republicans have been saying the obama administration is ready to go over the so-called fiscal cliff if taxes are not raised. >> the administration prepared to go over the fiscal cliff? >> absolutely. there is no prospects in agreement that doesn't involve the raise going up on the top 2 percent. >> house speaker bane another a boehner and president obama have been talking by phone.
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not much progress was made. boehner says if he doesn't agree with the propose sal he has obligation to submit one of his own. >> the missing girl battling leukemia is safe and is being treated in new mexico. she was taken out of a hospital in phoenix. her mother took her. doctors are worried she could potentially get a deadly infection. the girl's father claims the hospital was to blame for a different infection which cost emily her right arm. he's refusing to tell police where she is in mexico. both parents could face criminal charges. >> shock, disgust and fear spread quickly on the campus of the university of -- one details the exact moment they realty lied they were in a major crisis. it reads subject emergency the shooter at the aurora mall last
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night was james holmes i am worried about the students and faculty. he had a brief romantic relationship with a fellow grad student. >> kate middleton is being treated by the queen's doctor and prince william has been seen next to her. kate also received visits from her mother, sister pippa and brother james. no exact date on when she will be able to leave the hospital. >> that's your 5@5:00. now a fox news alert growing concerns about chemical war pair in syria. syria has mixed chemical weapons and loaded them on to bombs. president assad may be prepared to use them on his own people. peter doocy is live with us. >> good morning, patti ann. that chemical weapon is saren
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gas. president basharal assad has 60 days to use it before it expires and needs to be used. it suffocates victims by paralyzing the muscles around their lungs and is 500 times more toxic than cyanide. the military source tells us the gas in syria is believed to be in aerosol form which means it is in canisters that can be dropped from airplanes. we are told by middle eastern diplomatic sources that middle eastern countries are trying to find a place to give assad asylum. the u.s. military is making contingency plans in case assad leaves. if he leaves suddenly a top international priority would be
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getting the gas. >> we are at risk not only chemical weapons will be used in the conflict in syria but terrorist elements within the opposition get their hands on the agent or the weapon they could go out of the country and be used by terrorists worldwide. that is a real danger. >> a senior u.s. navy official told my colleague jennifer griffin no nave sal -- navel aspect has been passed at this point but it could change quickly. time to look at who is talking. we are going back to the looming fiscal cliff. that's what florida senator marco rubio is talking about. >> he discusses the negotiations on capitol hill and the raising taxes. >> my parents worked in the service industry we were able to afford a house. we always had what we needed
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thank god and thank this country. that's only possible in the future if we have limited government and enter prides. people come here from all over the world to get away from big government. i hope multiple voices out there making the argument. it is the only way forward for us. we will never be able to raise enough taxes to get out of the situation we are in. the only way forward is rapid economic growth. not new taxes we need new taxpayers. >> rubio sa>> what a difference few days can make. we had gorgeous weather a few days ago. it will be really wintery outside today. >> somebody in the hallway this morning was why is it so cold out, dean? it is december. we had a treat with warmer than average temperatures than most. winter out there in
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new york city. we were talking about 70 degree temperatures a couple days ago in chicago. 53 dallas. 56 phoenix. 59 los angeles. beginning to feel a little like christmas. looking at your satellite radar image ray no major systems impacting the country. we did have that big storm system, several storm systems impacting the west. that will dry out bringing moisture into the upper midwest and great lakes. light in nature but that's not r50e67ing the ground. the at that time terne is changing. warmer than average temperatures the fence keeps the cold air bottled up in canada and we see the warm air with the high pressure. the cold air will sink the fence gets broken a little bit and
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moves southward. the cold canadian air pamass moving into the rockies and midwest. the temperatures not getting out of the 40 degree range. a quick look across the country if you are traveling today. not too much to tell you about looking good boston through los angeles. no major storm system effecting the country. we will take that. >> janice dean, thank you. >> now to stories you can bank on this morning f. we go over the fiscal cliff small business owners could see the tax rates rise to over 50 percent. >> it is eye popping isn't it. pray congress makes a deal to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. high income workers there will
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get more than 50 percent. it targets income brackets. state taxes went up. they are now higher than both new york city as well as hawaii. >> when it comes to jobs being added different numbers, 118,000. >> this is the first week of the month we get a lot of jobs data. storm event coming in when i say storm literally we will see the effects of super storm sandy. private job creation says businesses added 118,000 jobs in november. if it were not for sandy that number would have been north of 200,000. adt may have a stronger jobs report that's the big one economists look at. we expect 93,000 nonfarm jobs have been created last month. the numbers are weak and they suggest it's not just a storm
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but it is worried about the fiscal cliff holding businesses back from hiring. >> business owners and other people on e-mail which is most of us. when you are reading the e-mails and writing them you rate changes. >> pay attention i guess. do you hold your breath when you are reading an e-mail. it is e-mail apnea. study shows 80 percent of folks have it. when you hold your breath it jacks up your heart rate and live pours glucose into the bloodstream. it ballotses oxygen. don't hold your breath when you read e-mail. >> maybe we get stressed out when you wake up. >> twitter and facebook you have to go through those, too. >> fox business network. 10 after the hour. still to come the aclu coming after a judge for sentencing a teen to ten years of church. the teen doesn't have a problem
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with it so should the aclu? now you see it now you don't. a new jersey family home with sandy only to be torn down without their permission no one is sure why or who did it. the new national average $3.37 down $0.01 from yesterday.
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>> good morning. welcome back. after weeks on the run millionaire software entrepreneur john mc fee has been arrested. they picked him up for leaving the country illegally. he will be sent back to belize where he is a person of interest
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for the murder of his neighbor. he claims the government there wants to kill him. the prime minister says he is quote bonkers. chairman of the joint chief of staff hit by foreign workers. mike mullen's personal computer. the hackers are likely from china. a personal e-mail account has been compromised. no classified information is scored or views on computers. >> it is time to take a look at who is talking. this morning we are hearing from swoerts caster bob costas. he has been criticized what some say was him politicizing the murder suicide by belcher. >> since i made these comments i have heard from players past and present, from coaches, from executives in the nfl saying they are -- they have long been alarmed and concerned by the number of players who cavalierly
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believe you have to have a gun. we have seen through text messages between belcher and a friend he is concerned sandra perkins may have had a boyfriend he had a girlfriend on the side we are sorting that out. his buddy said you better get yourself a gun. he says i have 8 of them. the buddy didn't say you better get a samurai sore or led pipe like professor plum in the conservator re. i am not the least bit afraid to talk about the gun culture and domestic violence. i thought it was self evident it was a domestic violence case. i don't back up on anybody i said i think it may have been more effective if i said look if we are looking for perspective we have to have an ongoing discussion not 5 minutes of foe tears about it but discussion about domestic violence about the game itself about the easy access to guns about steroids,
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drugs and alcohol and in the future we will soon do that. i think that would have been more effective. i was talking about a gun culture. i never used the word second amendment. >> he said he cannot think of a single instance where having a gun diminished the situation. >> it is time to brew on this. here's the topic. the aclu blasting a judge for his controversial sentencing of a teen arj. instead of going to prison he must attend church for 10 years. he drove drunk and killed his friend who was a passenger in a car. >> the aclu is filing complaint against the judge saying it violates the conts tu constitut. his attorney says he has no problem. do you think being sentenced to church after drunk driving
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manslaughter is just fine or over the line or shoot us an e-mail@foxfriendsfirst@foxnews. com. we will read the comments later in the show. economics the scene outside the consulate in benghazi is being described as a miami street party this comes after a classified briefing yesterday. the details straight ahead. >> if you are shopping for employment this holiday our next segment might be the best gift you get. cheryl casone here to help you find a permanent job.
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>> it is 21 after the hour. here are some quick headlines. students who criticize or bully their teachers on-line may now wind up behind bars thanks to a new law in north clarl nine gnagna car carolina. they need a law to help protect staff. coated aspirin may not be as good for your heart as you think. the drug takes longer to coat your bloodstream. it helps to thin blood. they believe uncoated aspirin may be better. >> in a few hours a weekly jobless numbers come out. tomorrow november monthly jobs report will be released but there are still plenty of companies that are hiring for the holidays. a recent employer says they plan
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to send worker noose full-time staff. who is hiring? let's ask our expert cheryl casone in the fox business network. >> good morning. this is one of the better years we are seeing for the hope that these seasonal jobs can turn into full-time jobs or part-time jobs that extend in 2013. the companies we have they still have positions open. specifically it is the retailers. start with target. they don't know how many workers need so they find out who is busy. target is busy. overall second largest retailer 80,000 to 90,000 jobs plan to hire. last year 30 percent that did seasonal work at target maintained the positions at target. you have to think more strategically about the seasonal jobs. >> if you want to keep your job there work really hard.
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>> honey baked ham lots of families eat ham. >> are you a ham person? >> they are fame louse for the spiral honey baked ham. they are having a busy holiday season. that can lead to jobs in 20013. people can do counter sales production catering work for them. they pay above minimum wage even the part-time jobs do. they have 400 stores nationwide. the head of hr she was a seasonal worker and now she works in the hr. >> monday december 10th, '20,000 seasonal jobs. they are having a problem sending people into work with them right now particularly in
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kentucky. package handlers. one part of the package handlers stayed on to be full-time folks over at fed-ex. we want everybody go to casone knee you can look there i have all of the web sites listed. that will guide you. please e-mail us at ff job it is 25 after the hour. coming up a would be robber calls 911 on himself. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> you will hear more of that this after a father and a son turn the tables on him. >> tsa is making a list and checking it twice. >> they are looking into your luggage. ♪
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[ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. >> welcome back to fox and friends first. it is 29 after the hour. it is now time for the top 5@5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. confirming syria mixed chemical weapons and loaded them on to bombs. it is raising concerns president
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assad will use them on his own people. john poelt ton says it is a worldwide risk. >> it is a risk not only they will be used in the conflict of syria but if terrorist elements get their hands on the agents or weapons they could go out of the country or be used by terrorists worldwide. that is a real sdanger. >> any use of these weapons could cross the line. some comparing it to a party. during a classified briefing they used drone surveillance along with security camera video from the consulate and cia. people can walk in on us like that without any kind of resistance makes your blood boil because you are thinking where
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is the security? >> the attackers seemed so casual. >> a new jersey man return to do his shore home after sandy and found it vanished. when nick tried to get answers about why his dream home was an empty plot of land all he got was a bunch of dead ends. >> the township didn't know what happened. i called the governor's office she said to me, are you sure your house is gone. i said miss, you misplace your pen, your pencil you don't misplace a house. >> it turns out they thought it was blocking the road and had it taken down.
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an exclusive shows they are doing their holiday shopping on the job in your luggage. kierd to go the report 32-year-old shawn henry was busted for stealing i pads from checked luggage. it was part of a string into the growing problem of screeners with sticky fingers. henry will be fired. police say he plans to burglarize a home but probably never thought it would end like this. >> >> that is christopher lance. things didn't go as planned after he broke into a home in texas. he hold moore at gun point when he had him in his home. moore should be lucky to be alive. >> evidences going to try and run or something and i was going to have to shoot him or my step dad was going to have to shoot
2:33 am
him. >> he now faces burglary charges. democrats and republicans are far apart on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. doug luzader is live with more. >> they are drawing one line in the sand after another confident the republicans will give in at the approach of the new year. he hopes he makes a deal on this. but his point man on fiscal cliff negotiations took a much different tone if republicans don't negotiate on revenue band tax rates on upper earners the white house is ready to go right over the cliff. >> is the administration prepared to go over the fiscal
2:34 am
cliff? oo absolutely. >> the president had support on raising tax rates on upper income earners. republicans have support the putting more emphasis on government spending rather than just simply raising taxes. the republican leaders in congress meantime who also met with business leaders yesterday said they have already offered to raise taxes by cutting deductions for upper earners an the president has yet to counter their proposal. >> i will be ready to sit down with the president to get serious about the problem. >> it is possible the white house could be bluffing the administration ordered the pentagon to begin considering the big spending cuts that would hit military spending if in fact we goefr the cliff. >> back to you. >> doug luzader, thank you.
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we heard what the lawmakers are saying but what about the taxpayers they represent? it's their bank accounts that would be impacted. >> so i went to times square in new york to find out who is talking about the fiscal cliff? >> we are from new mexico helping out to clean. >> what is the fiscal cliff? where is it? >> can i google it? >> bad news. bad news. fiscal cliff end of the world apparently. >> is it dangerous cliff. >> seems to be. >> how do you feel about it? >> i am a middle class woman whashgs do you think? >> isn't that like a government? this is embarrassing. >> what will happen if they don't fix it? >> it remind me of something i learned about in school but i am going to guess some type of cliff like mountain avalanche type of cliff maybe.
2:36 am
>> how tall is it? >> i would say 370 some feet. >> many people thought it was an actual cliff. i guess the word fiscal -- >> some people thought it was a movie or the guy from cheers cliff. >> janice dean has the weather report for us. >> some people say it feels like an avalanche out there. >> you can see the temperature change. 25 degree difference in new york. that's why people are angry. what happened to our warm temperatures. 31 in nyc, 32 philadelphia. we are talking about witnessed chills what it feels like outside. feels like 17 in buffalo feels about 5-10 degrees difference when you head outdoors. make sure you bundle up. satellite radar imagery we have
2:37 am
light moisture with this and the west begins to dry out. that is the good news. only 70 we ares in the northern rockies. i know skiers are like where is my snow. we have to see in the next couple weeks as we get into the winter months whether or not we get any snow. we need some for christmastime i think. >> over to you patti ann. >> thanks, it is time for your starting lineup. top sports stories. who will be the jets starter? rex ryan says sanchez will be the quarterback. he benched sanchez burg the win. winning the home depot coach of the year award. his first win came in 2009 in indiana. kobe bryant now the youngest player in nba history to score
2:38 am
30,000 career points. wilt chamberlin was the record holder. thanks so much patti ann. first up the count down to music's biggest night has officially begun. you know all of the scoop. >> good morning. 6 different artists are tied for five nominations kanye west, jay-z, power back for the blackies and mumford and sons. the fun part of the concert that's when the host taylor swift traded places. swift beat box while ll cool j took his sit song. ♪ flu
2:39 am
>> well they are never ever getting back together in the record of the year category. the 55th annual grammy awards will be held february 10th. >> entertaining to watch. something else to watch lay miss. >> last night it was the big red carpet event for the movie adaptation was held in london. four stop cars russell crowe, anne hathaway hugh jackman and amanda siegfried. it hits theaters in the u.s. on christmas day. >> you interviewed someone famous. who did you interview? >> displayed an actor from some of the biggest movies out there the late et project post katrina
2:40 am
new orleans and sat down with john to talk about his character on the show. >> he's the kind of guy who unfortunately represents an ugly truth to what happened in regards to katrina and recovery process in new orleans. he sees a gold mine to be had as many did. it is part of the question of where did all of the money go all of the money that went down in new orleans to help rebuild new orles. nelson, he's the kind of guy he's a fun guy. he's the guy you want as a friend. he enjoys the music. he falls in love with new orleans but he is there to make a buck. >> you can catch my entire interview with john you can check me at twitter. >> it is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. it may be the last christmas you
2:41 am
get to shop on-line without paying sales tax for your purchases. why you might be shelling out more cash after the new year. then it is hard to deliver toys to billions of children around the world in just one night. who comes to santa's rescue when gets lost? the u.s. military of course.
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>> it is 43 after the hour. first egypt the crisis in cairo growing. >> supporters and opponents of president mohammed morsi clashing outside of the presidential palace. the head of egypt's muslim brotherhood is calling for unit. divisions only help egypt
2:45 am
enemies. tuesday's typhoon hundreds more are missing among the devastation. earlier this morning rescuers found a 77-year-old man alive. he survived on coconuts for the last two-days. >> get your on-line shopping done. right now you don't have to pay sales tax but that may change after the new year. >> for on-line shoppers it may be the last holiday with no sales tax. they aim to clarify or over turn a 92 supreme court ruling that requires retailers to have a physical presence in a state in order to collect sales tax on good. currently they are supposed to pay directly to the government but few actually do. having on-line retailers have both partyings as many struggle
2:46 am
to find revenue and look to level the playing field. supporters say on-line sales tax is common sense and would encourage people to buy local keeping tax dollars in their community. critics say it would burden small businesses collecting through state taxes may be challenges for those who sell goods in multiple states. he says he optimistic the fairness act will have enough support to pass the senate. the house is working on a similar marketplace equity ax. if they passion the chamber it will go for another vote. nah, dthank you, diane. she helped raise money for president obama's reelection and now it looks like the white house may be getting ready to thank her. >> it is the earth like you have never seen it before. an amazing view of the planet after hours.
2:47 am
let's check in with steve doocy first to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> that is a cool picture. >> coming up on fox and friends about 13 men's franyone's were . we have heard the comments on guns and the gun culture in the nfl. jerome bettis is here to respond. also on the program michelle malcolm bob massi and former heavy weight champion of the world mike tyson is here. top of the hour fox and friends right here on the fox news channel.
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>> it is now 10 minutes until the top of the hour. here are quick headlines for you. the white house is dodging questions about a possible ambassador anna wintor.
2:51 am
he won't engage in speculation about personal appointments. the editor in chief of vogue is r rumored to become the ambassador to france or the u.k. she is one of obama's biggest fund raisers. >> unprecedented cloud free view of the world at night. aren't those great? you can thank a brand new nasa satellite that has a special sensor for night viewing. patti ann? >> norah, the north american aerospace defense has been tracking santa every year as he travels around the world for christmas. ever since 1955 without fail. a new children's book shows how important this defense command is to keeping christmas safe. michael keen is the author of the night santa got lost. how norad saved christmas. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> what inspired you to write this book? >> i was embedd in iraq with the
2:52 am
101st air division we were in a town close to the syrian border in 2003. on christmas day the troops got me and dragged me out of bed early and wanted to show me something. dragged me outside flthrough a flood light on and illuminated this 50-foot christmas tree they put up. you can't find a christmas tree in iraq. it showed me the ingenuity and america's spirit of trying to celebrate christmas wherever they are. and the second event was a couple years later i was invited by u.s. air force general duncan mcnabb head of transportation command to the air force base. they do this incredible mission of delivering millions of pounds of supplies to troops around the world by air and land and sea, and that kind of inspired me to maybe write this story that also tells the norad story as well
2:53 am
tracking santa on christmas eve. >> the tracking story it started as an accident where a hot line for santa had a wrong number and connect to do some guy at norad and he made up the story. >> this is the height of the cold war. this phone was only supposed to be called by the president of the united states or the head of the military in the event of a nuclear attack. it rings on christmas eve in 1955 the colonel picks it up. instead of hearing some type of nuclear code or military warning he hears a little child's voice saying i want to speak to santa claus. that was the pastart of the tradition. >> he said i can see him on my radar. out of this tradition now comes your book which tells this delightful story of the night before christmas basically. but santa gets lost in a storm and all of a different branchs of the military come together to save the day. >> how important was it to
2:54 am
include all of the branchs. it tells the story of how great our military is. >> it is a story about team work. i wanted to highlight the roles all of the sources play the army, navy, marines, coast guard, fires and even special operations forces are featured in the story. that team work comes together. >> it gets santa on his way. >> michael is a great illustrator and author himself. did a great job with this book. it is very cinematic i think. >> that you are for joining us. the book is the night before christmas -- >> the night santa got lost. norad safe christmas. >> it is 54 after the hour. we told but the aclu trying to stop a judge from sentencing a teen to 10 years of church for
2:55 am
the drunk driving manslaughter conviction. do you think being sentenced to church for drunk driving manslaughter is fine or over the line? we will have the e-mail and sweets next.
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>> we have a fox news alert for you. you are looking at brand new video. kate hiddleton and prince william leaving the hospital where she was admitted. she was sent there on monday for acute morning sentence for her newly announced pregnancy. she's smiling there. >> and earlier in the show we asked you if you think being sentenced to church for a manslaughter conviction was fine or over the line. church or prison for manslaughter. the judge made a fair decision that saved the kid's choice with a bad choice.
2:59 am
>> it is about time the judicial system finds reasonable alternatives where all parties are agreeable. >> being sentenced to church is not fair to the victim. >> thanks for the good responses. finally time for your awesomely bad christmas cards photos. our first one comes from louie from minnesota. it is their first grandson. it is adorable and this is from brandon, getng a little pay back at the inlaws for sending this picture of them. >> we saw the picture and where is the pay back. >> and finally this one from rachel polarlo of cincinnati, ohio. her daughter not enjoying her first encounter with santa

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